Please start by reading the welcome package documents in the pages below this one in the Membership menu.  We ask you that you read these documents before contacting us, so that you are aware of how we work and what is important to us. Once you have read these materials, here are the steps you must complete in order to be put in the waiting pool.

  1. ARRANGE A TOUR.  Email to arrange for a tour of the community.  By sending this email, you will also be letting the waiting pool coordinator know of your interest.   The coordinator will arrange to have a community member accompany you through the various parts of this process.
  2. ATTEND A COMMUNITY MEAL AND GET-TO-KNOW-YOU MEETING.   Let the coordinator know when you want to attend a community meal and the coordinator will arrange for a community member to accompany you at the meal.  The community member will send an email to the community before the meal informing the community that you will be at the meal and that you will be available after the meal, and will announce at the opening circle that there will be an informal get-to-know meeting after dinner.
  3. ATTEND AT LEAST ONE ENTIRE FULL-CIRCLE MEETING.   Let the coordinator know when you want to attend a full-circle meeting.  A community member will announce at the meeting that you are attending and interested in getting in the waiting pool.  Attending a meeting is a good way to get to know how we work together.  Since we make decisions by Dynamic Governance, it is important that you understand what that means.   It is necessary that all adult members of a household attend at least one meeting.
  4. ATTEND AN ORIENTATION MEETING.  The purpose of this meeting is to make sure that you that you know everything you can about our community, the way we live and what we expect from each other, before you make a commitment.   A member of the community will contact you to set up this meeting after you have completed the first three steps and will email you important documents to read before you meet, including the New and Prospective Members Agreement.   At your orientation meeting you will discuss whether you are ready to purchase in the near future, financially and otherwise.  You will be asked to sign the Agreement.
  5. EMAIL A WRITTEN REQUEST TO BE IN THE WAITING POOL TO THE WAITING POOL COORDINATOR.    The coordinator will post your letter on the bulletin board for 30 days and notify the community of your request.  If any community member has concerns about your potential membership, they are asked to talk directly with you and/or the membership circle.   Assuming all concerns are resolved, you will be welcomed onto the waiting list at the next Full Circle meeting after the 30 days have passed.

Full Circle meetings 2023:

  • Thurs, Jan 12th,  7-9pm
  • Mon, Feb 13,  7-9pm
  • Sat, March 18,  9:30-12:30
  • Wed, April 12,  7-9pm
  • Sun, May 7,  9:30-12:30
  • Tues, Jun 13,  7-9pm
  • Wed, July 19,  7-9pm
  • Tues, Aug 15,  7-9pm
  • Sat, Sept 23,  2-5pm
  • Mon, Oct 16,  7-9pm
  • Sun, Dec 10,  2-5pm

Dated: Nov 2023